What makes My Home Group "West Valley" unique is that we consider ourselves more than just a real estate brokerage. We’re a real estate company that focuses on training, agent development, technology and marketing.

We’re an office that is a true "Full-Service" office in that you work side by side, day after day, with search engine optimization companies, marketing companies, CPA’s, attorney’s, financial advisor’s, and more.

It’s a diverse mix of talents and skills, all under one roof.

Every week you attend classes on business development from such experts as Brian Buffini, Tom Ferry and Darren Hardy. You also receive training from some of the top realtors in Arizona.  Agents who are some of the most productive agents in the state of Arizona.  Topics range from technology, to marketing, to lead generation, to handling objections and more.

Accountability, coaching and group masterminds are also offered to those of you who desire working in a group environment or working with others.