Website…Lead Generator…CRM…Accountability System… and more. Kunversion is a robust platform offered to My Home Group - West Valley agent’s to enable our associates to both generate leads and cultivate same leads via drip email campaigns and alerts. Leads are rated on a 5 star system as Kunversion authenticates cell number, email address and IP address of pc.

The contact information is then uploaded to Kunversion’s contact management system (as well as their social media information if the visitor uses their email address for social media). A link to your site is automatically sent to the lead’s cell phone, and they are then added to your drip email campaign. The system also tracks what homes they have viewed, and automatically sends weekly emails with homes Kunversion believes the consumer could be interested in. Additional features include:

  1. 24/7 chat for ALL your websites
  2. Sellers receive weekly traffic reports
  3. Send listings to Craigslist, BackPage, FaceBook, Ebay
  4. Create your own squeeze pages
  5. Valuation reports